Why You Should Consider a Job in Hospitality This Summer

June 26, 2024

Embrace Hospitality: Top Reasons to Work in Hospitality This Summer

The hospitality industry is celebrated for its dynamic environment and diverse clientele. It's an exciting field that prepares you for a multitude of life scenarios. One moment you’re enjoying a pleasant conversation, and the next, you’re managing a challenging situation. It’s a career that offers a wide range of experiences, from the delightful to the demanding.

Let’s dive into the reasons why a summer job in hospitality could be the perfect opportunity for you!

Develop Invaluable Hospitality Skills

Communication Mastery

In hospitality, effective communication is essential. Engaging with various individuals daily helps you enhance your conversational skills significantly. You'll learn to connect with people from all walks of life, improving your ability to inspire confidence and resolve conflicts with ease.

Adaptability and Resilience

Hospitality demands long hours, high pressure, and the ability to stay calm under scrutiny. This environment cultivates resilience and adaptability, qualities that are highly regarded by employers. You'll learn to thrive in challenging situations, making you an asset in any future career.

Be Part of a Meaningful Industry

The COVID-19 lockdowns highlighted the importance of the hospitality sector. It contributes £59.3 billion to the economy and plays a crucial role in our social lives. From first dates to family gatherings, hospitality venues are where cherished memories are made. As a hospitality worker, you contribute to creating these memorable experiences for others.

Enjoy Unmatched Flexibility

Looking for a summer job or a part-time gig to complement your studies? Hospitality offers the flexibility you need. Agencies llike ourselves allow you to choose your work schedule and location, providing temporary positions at exciting events and venues across the UK. This level of flexibility is perfect for those seeking variety and control over their work-life balance.

Have Fun While Working

Contrary to the belief that work is always boring, hospitality offers a fun and engaging work environment. With opportunities to work at festivals, concerts, and sporting events, you’ll find that hospitality jobs are far from monotonous. Destea team members often praise the enjoyable and dynamic nature of their roles, making every shift an adventure.

Explore Career Progression in Hospitality

Despite misconceptions, hospitality offers significant career progression. It’s the UK’s third-largest private-sector employer, encompassing diverse fields such as food and beverage, accommodation, and entertainment. Starting in an entry-level position can lead to numerous opportunities for advancement, both domestically and internationally.

Early hands-on experience is invaluable in hospitality. Temporary roles can serve as a stepping stone, helping you build essential skills and a strong work ethic. Destea focuses on hiring individuals with the right attitude and teamwork capabilities, providing a gateway into a rewarding career.

Join the Destea Family

The hospitality industry is inclusive and offers opportunities for everyone. If you’re interested in becoming part of this vibrant sector, check out our current vacancies. Join the team and start making a difference while enjoying a fulfilling and flexible work experience.

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